Our 3 & 4 Year Old Class


About Our Three and Four Year Old Preschool Classes:

Our mission is reaching to meet the needs of our community, offering childcare that is loving, educational, and Christ-centered. Our goal is to help prepare our children of today, to flourish into our leaders and individuals of tomorrow. Physical, social, intellectual, and spiritual preparation will help children succeed in kindergarten and beyond. We work to help children understand they are each a special person, created with individual talents, gifts, and personality. We realize that childhood is an open window to developing literacy, creativity, knowledge and critical thinking. We would like to take this time of special opportunity to offer your child an educational, creative, safe, happy place where learning is fun!
Just as all children are unique, children’s modes of learning are unique also. We offer an environment filled
with various sensory activities to enable children to satisfy curiosity, and develop individual strengths and interests. We plan hands-on, active, engaging, creative, experiences through group projects, group play activities, and individual free play. We strive to offer an environment that enriches and encourages development in the areas of: large and small motor skills, personal and social skills, language, reading, number concepts, writing, art, drama, and music. As your child enjoys creative, educational activities and play, it is our goal that he or she will delight in learning, making new friends, and developing into the little person that God created him or her to be.