Two Year Old Preschool Class

Two year olds may attend two, three, or five days. Just as all children are unique, children’s modes of learning are unique, also. We offer an environment filled with various sensory activities to enable children to satisfy curiosity and develop individual strengths and interests. We plan hands-on, active, engaging, creative experiences through group play, activities, and individual free play. We strive to offer two year olds an environment that enriches and encourages development in the areas of large and small motor skills, personal and social skills, language, number concepts, art and music. Two year olds benefit from a literacy rich environment filled with reading, talking and singing. Circle time offers a fun opportunity of listening, speaking, singing, sharing and taking turns.
As your child enjoys creative, educational activities and play, it is our goal that he or she will delight in learning, make new friends, and develop into the little person God created him or her to be.