What To Expect @ CRC SSI


We love God, love others & preach the Word!

Grace & Gratitude        

Expect to be welcomed by warm and friendly greeters. They will help you find your way around and help you with any questions you might have.

Humility & Harmony

We are all God’s children on the same journey to be made more like Christ.

Wonder & Worship

Our heart as a church is to worship the Father in Spirit and Truth. As we worship together, we expect to be transformed by the power of His Holy Spirit.


Service begins at 10:30am // Come worship with us!

  • Our worship is a modern worship experience with a blend of contemporary worship music, hymns, and traditional choruses.
  • We embrace John 4:24 which says we must “worship God in spirit and truth”. As a result, our worship format is free and inviting. Worshipers are free to express themselves in the arts, in dance, in song, through various expressions of praise including clapping, singing, shouting, kneeling, and praying — All bringing glory to God alone!